I Élias Géjou (Biographical details)

I Élias Géjou (dealer/auction house; French; Male; 1894 - 1939; active as a dealer)

Also known as

Géjou, I Élias; Isaac Élias Géjou


74 rue Vaneau, Paris (in 1907) 77 bis Avenue de Breteuil, Paris XV (in 1930) 7 avenue Daniel Leseur, Paris (January-February 1938) Villa Goudea, Cosne-sur-Loire, Nievre


Antiquities dealer of Armenian origin, resident at various addresses in Paris and active at least from 1895 to 1939. He consistently gives his name both in his letterhead and in his signature as I. Élias Géjou, but this has rather consistently been represented in the British Museum's records as J.E. Gejou and even once (Reports to the Trustees, 27 September 1930) as E. I. Gejou. Up to 1914 he seems to have dealt exclusively in antiquities from Mesopotamia, but thereafter his interests extended to Anatolia (Turkey) and Egypt. His correspondence in the ME archives includes packing lists of many of the collections offered or sold.He also sold tablets to the Louvre (e.g. AO 17264). In 1920 he attempted to act on the British Museum's behalf in purchasing Mesopotamian antiquities excavated by German archaeologists and held in transit in Lisbon at the outbreak of war. Correspondence includes reference to purchasing antiquities in Baghdad (1920-21), a sales trip to New York (1926), his French citizenship and the situation of his brother Elias Géjou (q.v.) who was still an Iraqi citizen (1930). From at least 1923 to 1939 he also maintained an establishment at Cosne-sur-Loire (Nievre) under the name of Villa Goudea.


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