Professor Sir Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan (Biographical details)

Professor Sir Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan (archaeologist; British; Male; 1904 - 1978)

Also known as

Mallowan, Max Edgar Lucien


Archaeologist; Trustee. Born 6/5/1904. After gaining his BA in Classics at Oxford, he joined Leonard Woolley (q.v.) as general field assistant at Ur (1925-30) and where he met his first wife, Agatha Christie (1890-1976) and to whom he was married on 11/9/30. In 1931 he joined R. Campbell-Thompson's (q.v.) excavations at Nineveh. Mallowan's supervision of a deep excavation here provided the foundations for understanding the prehistory of north Mesopotamia. In 1933 he conducted his first independent dig at a Halaf period site, Arpachiyah. Following a survey of the Khabur headwaters (1934), Mallowan also directed excavations at Chagar Bazar (1934-37) and Tell Brak (1937-39) in the Khabur basin. During the Second World War Mallowan worked in Air Force intelligence. He was Professor of Western Asiatic Archaeology in London University (1947-61), and directed excavations at Nimrud (1949-58). Mallowan then took up a research fellowship at Oxford (1962-71); appointed CBE (1960); knighted (1968). He married a fellow archaeologist, Barbara Parker in 1977.


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