William Talbot Ready (Biographical details)

William Talbot Ready (curator; dealer/auction house; British; Male; 1857 - 1914)

Also known as

Ready, William Talbot; Talbot Ready, William


Employed by the British Museum as repairer and cleaner of antiquities, particularly in the Egyptian and Assyrian Department, until about 1884 after which he appears to have specialised as a dealer as his sales to the Museum begin in 1886. He specialised in classical coins and took over the company Rollin and Feuardent (q.v.) after the death of Francis Whelan (q.v.).His brother Augustus P. Ready (q.v.) succeeded him as a restorer in the Museum, where he became part of the permanent staff in 1897; another brother, Charles Ready (q.v.), also worked in the Museum in this capacity. All were sons of Robert Cooper Walpole Ready (q.v.), the restorer, who joined the Museum in 1858/59. W.T. Ready had a single daughter, Marie Frances Talbot Ready (q.v.).


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