E T Rogers (Biographical details)

E T Rogers (official; collector; British; Male; 1831 - 1884)

Also known as

Rogers, Edward Thomas; Rogers Bey; Rogers Bey, E T


46 Cornwall Road, London (1883)


Traveller, diplomat and collector. Began a career in the British consular service in the Middle East in 1848 and held various posts in Jerusalem, Haifa, Beirut, Damascus and Cairo including the positions of Consul at Damascus, Consul-General in Syria, Consul in Cairo; he was attached to Lord Dufferin's mission to Syria for which he received the Turkish Order of Osmaniah and was awarded the title of "Bey". He was an accomplished Arabic scholar and developed a collection of antiquities during his time in the Levant and Egypt. His collection of Arabic coins was displayed at the 1878 Paris Exhibition. Following the closure of the British Consulate in Cairo in 1875, he returned to London where he acted as Egyptian agent for two years, but was subsequently appointed Minister of Education, Inspector of Prisons and Director of the Sale of State Lands. He died of dysentery in June 1884.

During his career he donated a number of antiquities to the British Museum, including a collection of Roman sculptures from the Hauran region of southern Syria (1863, 1864) and a small number of Egyptian antiquities between 1880 and 1882. He also occasionally corresponded with the Museum, mainly in connection with Egyptian antiquities (eg. Dept of Middle East archives: 1868-81, items 5674-5716, 1882, items 275-277; 1883, item 320, q.v. E.T. Rogers) and his 1879 journal of travels in Egypt is also in the British Museum archives (Dept of Ancient Egypt & Sudan). His sister Mary Eliza Rogers was author of the book 'Domestic Life in Palestine' (1862) and also occasionally corresponded with the museum (eg. Dept of Middle East archives: 1868-81, items 5717-18, 1882, item 278, q.v. M.E. Rogers).


Obituary in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1885, vol.15, no.3, pp.xxvi-xxvii.