Joseph M Shemtob (Biographical details)

Joseph M Shemtob (dealer/auction house; Male; 1877 - 1893; active)

Also known as

Shemtob, Joseph M


Dealer in antiquities; sold large numbers of cuneiform tablets and a smaller quantity of other objects from Mesopotamia to The British Museum between 1877 and 1893, plus a number of tablets to the University of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. NB There may be some confusion as some collections are registered as being published from one Mr Raphael Shemtob of Islington (e.g. 1877-11-14 coll.).


R. F. Harper, "Babylonian Letter. The Joseph Shemtob Collection of Babylonian Antiquities recently purchased for the University of Pennsylvania", 'Hebraica' 5 (October 1888), pp. 74-76.