Thomas Egerton (Biographical details)

Thomas Egerton (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1781 - 1837; fl. c.)

Also known as

Egerton, Thomas; Egerton, John; T & J Egerton


32, opposite Admiralty, Charing Cross, London 30, Charing Cross, London At Military Library, near Whitehall Chancery Lane Whitehall (1803)


Print publisher and bookseller. Possibly ran a circulating library. Bookseller to the Ordnance. Trade card in Heal Collection (Heal,17.46) advertises "Tho. Egerton Bookseller, successor to Mr. Millan...Military books in all languages." Dated in pen and ink 1781. See also Heal,17.47 for bill head dated 1815.
Trading as Thomas & John Egerton 1784-95). Probably related to T & G Egerton (q.v.)