Michele Tramezzino (Biographical details)

Michele Tramezzino (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; Italian; Male; 1526 - 1571; fl.)

Also known as

Tramezzino, Michele


Worked with his brother Francesco (fl.1526-d.1576). Book and print dealers and publishers, from Venice. Active in Venice and Rome. Both recorded in Rome in the 1526 census (Gnoli, 1894, p.379). Both fled to Venice in 1527 at the time of the sack. Michele remained in Venice (1561: ‘librar al segno de la Sibilla'). Francesco returned to Rome in 1528 (Tinto, p.xii). Francesco's shop was in the via del Pellegrino. Francesco died 1576 (Tinto p.xvi). The single sheet prints were issued in Rome, but sold in Venice as well. Francesco had the reputation of being a man of learning and a friend of humanists (Tinto, p.xxv).
Tramezzino applied for privileges to cover his maps and figurative prints in Venice: 2 June 1551, to cover ‘il disegno titolata via, verita et vita, et per il disegno di Christo resuscitante' and 3 February 1561 to cover maps and a figural print of the Visitation.
The printed maps known to Almagià were dated 1551-63. They published maps and Roman antiquities designed by Pirro Ligorio.


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