Apostles (Biographical details)

Apostles (saint/martyr; Male)

Also known as

Apostles; St Andrew; St Bartholomew; St James the Greater; St James the Less; St John the Evangelist; St Jude; St Luke the Evangelist; St Matthew; St Paul; St Peter; St Philip; St Simon Zelotes; St Thomas; Judas Iscariot; St Matthias; Apostle


Christian saints; traditionally the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ (q.v.): St Andrew (q.v.); St Bartholomew (q.v.); St James the Greater (q.v.); St James the Less (q.v.); St John the Evangelist (q.v.); St Jude (q.v.); St Luke the Evangelist (q.v.); St Matthew (q.v.); St Peter (q.v.); St Philip (q.v.); St Simon Zelotes (q.v.); St Thomas (q.v.); Judas Iscariot (q.v.) and, subsequently, St Paul (q.v.). St Matthias (q.v.) replaced Judas Iscariot, after his suicide.