Backes & Strauss Ltd (Biographical details)

Backes & Strauss Ltd (manufacturer/factory; goldsmith/metalworker; merchant/tradesman; British; 1789)

Also known as

Backes & Strauss Ltd; J F Backes & Co; J F Backes & Sons


30 St. James's Street, Mayfair SW1A 1HB


Merchants of precious stones and fine watches. Originally founded in Hanau, Germany as a manufacturing jewellers and dealers in precious stones. A London office was established in 1814. Examples of the company's jewellery were showcased at the Great Exhibition of 1851. By 1874, the firm was trading as Backes & Strauss. The company hallmark was registered at Goldsmiths' Hall in London in 1878. Prior to the discovery of an Assyrian-style bracelet, now in the British Museum, no surviving pieces of jewellery could be securely attributed to the firm. The manufacturing side of the firm ceased by 1892.


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