J W Benson Ltd (Biographical details)

J W Benson Ltd (manufacturer/factory; clockmaker/watchmaker; goldsmith/metalworker; English; Male; 1847/49 - 1973)

Also known as

J W Benson Ltd; Benson, James William; Benson, Samual Suckley; Benson, S S & J W


The Steam Factory, 62 and 64 Ludgate Hill, London 28 Royal Exchange, London 25 Old Bond Street, London


Clock and watchmakers. Became retailers of clocks, watches and jewellery in 1874.
Obtained Royal patronage in 1879. Became a limited liability company in 1892, when they opened a factory in Belle Sauvage Yard in Ludgate Hill. Some sources date the origin of this company to 1749, as this claim was made by the firm itself in its early history. Originally S. S. & J. W. Benson, the partnership dissolved in 1855 and J.W. Benson set up alone. The company became a limited company in 1897 continuing to date, a subsidiary of Mappin & Webb Ltd, a member of Sears Holdings.


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