Adrien Descrolières (Biographical details)

Adrien Descrolières (scientific instrument maker; goldsmith/metalworker; French; Male; 1571 - 1580; active)

Also known as

Descrolières, Adrien; Descrolieres, Adrianus; Descroliers, Adrianus


Instrument maker; described as 'Angiensis' and perhaps from Angers, greatly influenced by the Louvain school of instrument making where he started his apprenticeship in about 1564, leaving the workshop about 1567/68. He seems to have been a pupil of Gualterus Arsenius (q.v.), modelling his form of engraving on that of Arsenius without achieving the latter's refinement. Of the nine astrolabes ascribed to him by 2005, three are unsigned, but from signatures on various surviving instruments (astrolabes, armillary spheres and an optical compass) it is known that he was in northern Italy between 1571 and 1579, working in Venice, Bondeno (a town near Ferrara) and Mantua, before going to Antwerp and then to Paris.


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