Sir Bernard Eckstein, Bart (Biographical details)

Sir Bernard Eckstein, Bart (painter/draughtsman; military/naval; collector; British; Male; 2 November 1894 - 10 May 1948)

Also known as

Eckstein, Bernard


(1935) Oldlands Hall, Uckfield, Sussex Kya Lami, 25 South Street, London W1


Famous collector, and school friend of Willie King of the BM. Educated at Eton, Trinity College Oxford; served as Captain in the Second Battalion, East Surrey Regiment; became Director of Kassala Cotton Co. Ltd, Sudan Plantations Syndicate, Sudan Salt Ltd; knighted. Died without heirs. Bequeathed to the Museum, among other things, a group of Persian minatures and a pair of painted lacquer bookcovers of Safavid date, as well as Sèvres porcelain. 187 pieces of china, glass and coins were bequeathed to the Ashmolean.
Buried in the churchyard at Christ Church, Fairwarp, Sussex, where he, his father and his sister are commemorated by tombstones designed by William Reid Dick.


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