Harry Emanuel (Biographical details)

Harry Emanuel (shop/business; French; British; Male; 1855 - 1873; active)

Also known as

Emanuel, Harry


Hanover Square, London, England 18 New Bond Street, London, England 12 Clifford Street, London, England


Jewellery retailer continuing a family business that began in 1802 with Joel Emanuel. Specialised in the selling of diamonds, expensive jewellery, objects of vertu and silverware. Appeared at the International Exhibition of 1862 and the Paris Exhbition of 1867. In 1865 published 'Diamonds and Precious Stones'. Achieved great renown and so was bestowed titles such as 'gold and silversmith to the Queen & Prince of Wales' (1862-64) until his retirement, at which time his remaining stock was sold at Christie's (17th-21st December 1873). Died 1898.


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