Sir John Evans (Biographical details)

Sir John Evans (academic/intellectual; collector; British; Male; 1823 - 1908)

Also known as

Evans, John


Nash Mills, Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire


President of the Geographical Society, 1874-76; Vice-President of the Royal Society from 1876, Treasurer from 1878, President 1885-92; President of the Anthropological Institute from 1877-78; President of the Numismatic Society 1874-1908. Friend of A W Franks (q.v.). Sir John Evans made a fortune in the paper industry (John Dickinson & Son), and used it to form large collections of antiquities (mostly now in the Ashmolean Museum), and patronise scholarship. He donated objects to the BM and on his death in 1908 the rest of his collection passed to his son Arthur John Evans, the Keeper of the Ashmolean and later excavator of Knossos (q.v.), and to his daughter Harriet Ann Longman (q.v.), and then in 1933 to his younger daughter Joan Evans (q.v.).


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