George III, King of the United Kingdom (Biographical details)

George III, King of the United Kingdom (ruler; German; British; Male; 1738 - 1820)

Also known as

George III; George III


Born 4 June 1738, son of Frederick, Prince of Wales (q.v.); succeeded his grandfather, George II (q.v.) on 25 October 1760; married Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (q.v.) on 8 September 1761; crowned 22 September 1761.


Jonathan Marsden (ed), 'The Wisdom of George III: papers from a symposium at Buckingham Palace June 2004', published 2005. This includes essays on many aspects of George III's collection, including one on his topographical collection (now in the BL) by Peter Barber.
[On George III's coins, see Henry Ellis' Scrapbook, folio 268, in the BM Central Archives]