Herod Antipas (Biographical details)

Herod Antipas (biblical figure; ruler; Jewish; Male; 22BC - c. 40)

Also known as

Herod Antipas; Antipas; Galilee and Peraea; Herod


Tetrarch of Galilee and Peraea from 4BC-40AD, sometimes erroneously styled King (see explanation under Herod the Great for the terms of the settlement among his sons). Antipas was a son of Herod the Great (q.v.) and Malthace of Samaria, and husband of a daughter of Aretas IV of Nabataea (q.v.) then of Herodias (q.v.), his niece.

A New Testament figure, Antipas imprisoned and put to death St John the Baptist (q.v.), and it was before him that Christ was sent by Pilate before the crucifixion since Jesus was a Galilean and belonged to Antipas' jurisdiction. In AD39 Herod Antipas was exiled to Lyons (Lugdunum) by the Roman emperor Caligula (q.v.) due to the plotting of Agrippa I (q.v.), and he died in Spain.

Mentioned in the following New Testament verses: Matthew 14:1, 14:3, 14:6, 14:9; Mark 6:14-27; Luke 3:1, 3:19, 9:9, 23:7-15; Acts 5:27, 13:1.