George Fabian Lawrence (Biographical details)

George Fabian Lawrence (dealer/auction house; collector; British; Male; 1861 - 1939)

Also known as

Lawrence, George Fabian


Born in 1862. Ran a shop at 7 West Hill, Wandsworth, selling antiquities. Catalogued collections at the Guildhall Museum (1900 to 1903); he also catalogued collections in the Kingston & Richmond Museums. After the Guildhall he moved to the London Museum (1911-26), where he was Director of Excavations. In the role of Inspector for the London Museum he was responsible for watching over building works in London, and often bought finds from the workmen. From 1929 onwards he was a Life Member of the Metropolitan Museum. He was also a collector of antiquities and passed many of his finds to the British Museum, with which he was a regular correspondent (e.g. ME Correspondence: April and September 1935 on the subject of "Luristan bronzes" and other antiquities from Iran).