Messrs Mappin & Webb (Biographical details)

Messrs Mappin & Webb (shop/business; manufacturer/factory; British; 1859; still trading)

Also known as

Mappin & Webb


77 Oxford Street, London 220 Regent Street, London The Royal Works, Queen's Road, Sheffield


This well-known firm of manufacturing and retail silversmiths and electroplaters was established in 1859 by John Newton Mappin when he retired from his family firm of Mappin Brothers of Sheffield and London. He was originally in partnership with George Webb trsading as Mappin & Co but due to confusion over the two firms' names it was changed to Mappin & Webb in 1863. After Webb's death c. 1881, J N Mappin became sole partner. It was coverted into a limited liability company in 1898 absorbing Mappin Brothers in 1902/03. By 1908 they had branches in Paris, Nice and Johannesburg and in the following years opened in Buenos Aires, Rome, Brazil and Switzerland. In addition to their own manufactured goods, Mappin & Webb appear to have bought in considerable quantities of work made by other firms. Since 1973 the firm has been a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Ltd and the parent of the following group of companies: J W Benson, British Silverware Ltd., Garrard & Co Ltd, Goldsmiths &Silversmiths Co, Mappin & Webb (France), Mappin & Webb (South Africa) and five other smaller subsidiary companies.


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