Nast's Factory (Biographical details)

Nast's Factory (manufacturer/factory; French; 1783 - 1835)

Also known as

Nast's Factory


Rue Popincourt, Paris (1783-c.1787) Rue des Amandiers, Paris (c.1789-1835)


Successful hard-paste porcelain factory in rue Popincourt, Paris, taken over by Népomucène-Jean-Hermann Nast (1754-1817) from Pierre Lamaire in 1783. The factory kept going through the Revolutionary period and Nast's sons worked with him from 1813 and continued to run the factory after his death in 1817. The elder son Henri became sole owner in 1831 but worsening economic conditions forced its closure in 1835. The factory enjoyed a considerable reputation and as well as the usual range of domestic wares produced unusual items such as an early filter coffee maker and a porcelain barometer. The factory employed painters such as Louis Pierre Schilt (1790-1859), Camille Fler (1802-68) and Louis Nicolas Cabat (1812-93); and modellers such as Pajou and J P B Klagmann (1810-67).


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