Saulo Moreno (Biographical details)

Saulo Moreno (painter/draughtsman; goldsmith/metalworker; multi-media/digital artist; Mexican; Male; 1930s; active)

Also known as

Moreno, Saulo


Born in Mexico City during the early 1930s, Saulo Moreno later settled in Tlalpujahua in the state of Michoacán. Although he works predominantly with wire and paper, Moreno also creates small sculptures of soldered metal. His work has been included in several international exhibitions including ‘El Día de los Muertos: The Life of the Dead in Mexican Folk Art’ at the Fort Worth Art Museum and London's Serpentine Gallery. Examples of his work (and work by one or more of his students) was displayed in a special case at the Museum of Mankind during ‘The Skeleton at the Feast’ exhibition (1991-1993). In 1993 he spent a month as artist in residence at the Museum of Mankind, giving workshops and demonstrations. Photographs of Saulo Moreno's work appear in a large number of books published in Mexico, the USA and the UK.


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