Dr St John Simpson (Biographical details)

Dr St John Simpson (curator; archaeologist; British; Male; 29/12/1962)

Also known as

Simpson, St John


Archaeologist; appointed curator in the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities (later renamed Ancient Near East, then Middle East), The British Museum (1993), with responsibility for ancient Iran, Arabia and the so-called "late periods" in the Near East from Alexander the Great to the rise of Islam, and specialising in the archaeology of the Sasanian empire. Other academic interests include Ottoman smokers' pipes. Raised in the Middle East, and excavated and travelled widely in this region and in Central Asia. Donated several collections of ethnographic objects from the Middle East and particularly Turkmenistan (Central Asia) to the British Museum from 1995 onwards. Son of Roger Simpson (q.v.) and Paddy Simpson (q.v.).