Prince Pierre Soltykoff (Biographical details)

Prince Pierre Soltykoff (Russian; Male; 1804 - 1889)

Also known as

Soltykoff, Pierre; Салтыков, Петр Дмитриевич; Saltykov, Petr Dmitrievich


Russian nobleman and collector; grandson of Count, later Prince, Nikolai Ivanovich Saltykov (1736-1816); son of Prince Dmitrii Nikolaevich Saltykov (1767-1826); married to Vera Fedorovna Stempkovskaia (1826) and Henriette Charlotte Dufourc d'Hargeville (1868); ca. 1840 settled in Paris; cloks and watches from in his collection catalogued in 1858; most objects from it auctioned at the Hôtel Drouot on 8 April-1 May 1861.