St George (Biographical details)

St George (saint/martyr; mythological figure/creature; Palestinian; Male; fl. 3rdC ?)

Also known as

St George


Christian saint and martyr; warrior said to have been born in Cappadocia, Asia Minor and to have died at Lydda in Palestine. Patron saint of several European cities, including Venice; made patron of England in 1222. Commonly associated with the slaying of the mythical dragon.

Patron Saint of Ethiopia, believed to have suffered seven years of extreme torture at the hands of King Dudyanos (q.v.) and the seventy Kings. According to Ethiopian tradition his father was Anastasius of Cappadocia and his mother was Tewobista, the daughter of Dionysius the governor of Lydda. He had two sisters, Marta and Kasya.

At the death of his father George travelled to see Dudyanos, the King of Persia. He carried great wealth and treasure in order to secure for himself his fathers position. When he saw that King Dudyanos worshiped idols and persecuted the Christians, George gave away all his wealth to the poor and vowed to dedicate his life to Christ. He endured seven years of torture and died three times, each time restored to life by Christ. Christ promised him the three everlasting crowns of Martyrdom and told him he would die four times for God. At his final death he was received up to heaven. It is believed that three of his servants, Saqrates (q.v.), Lolis (q.v.) and Herpas (q.v.) took his body to Lydda and built a church dedicated to the saint. Many miracles are attributed to the Saint George and in Ethiopia he is particularly associated with the Imperial family and the military. Icons of the saint were paraded before the Ethiopian troops in battle. His martyrdom is commemorated on the 23rd day of each month.


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