Tiffany & Co (Biographical details)

Tiffany & Co (manufacturer/factory; American (USA); 1837)

Also known as

Tiffany & Co; Tiffany


Founded in New York in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, initially as stationery and fancy goods store on Broadway, styled Tiffany & Young 1837-1841, when it became Tiffany, Young & Ellis till 1853, when Charles Lewis Tiffany took complete control of the firm, and it was designated Tiffany & Co. From about 1848, Tiffany began to focus on silver and precious stones, controlling their own silver manufacturing shop from 1851. By 1877 they had acquired the Tiffany diamond, a large yellow stone from the Kimberley Mines in South Africa and in 1887, they acquired major pieces at the sale of the French Crown Jewels in Paris. They moved to Fifth Avenue in 1905 and to their present address, Fifth Avenue and 57th street, in 1940.
Tiffany & Co. sold other manufacturers' flatware until 1869, when they began making their own flatware. Before this date, flatware retailed by Tiffany bears both the Tiffany stamp and the maker's stamp as a silver retailer and manufacturer.
See also Charles Lewis Tiffany.


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