Mennecy-Villeroy Factory (Biographical details)

Mennecy-Villeroy Factory (manufacturer/factory; French; 1737 (circa) - 1773)

Also known as

Mennecy-Villeroy Factory; Villeroy-Mennecy Factory


Mennecy, France


See Dawson 1994 pp48-49 for what little is known about the early history of porcelain production at the hamlet of Villeroy in the parish of Mennecy between c.1737 and 1748 and pp51-52 for a history of the subsequent production at another factory in Mennecy up to 1773 when production transferred to Bourg-la-Reine.
Factory producing soft-paste porcelain. Began with a factory in Paris set up by François Barbin in 1735, which moved to Mennecy outside Paris, on land owned by François-Louis-Anne, duc de Villeroy. Made tablewares often decorated with flowers and including a characteristic pink colour and also made groups and figures.


Aileen Dawson 'French Porcelain' [London 1994] pp.48-49 (Villeroy) and pp.51-52 (Mennecy).