Susanne de Court (Biographical details)

Susanne de Court (painter/draughtsman; French; Female; c. 1600; fl)

Also known as

de Court, Susanne


Painter of Limoges enamels. Mentioned in a document seen in the mid 1800s which has now been lost; no certain record of her life. the Court family were Protestants and Suzanne is a common Protestant name, which might explain why her birth is not recorded in Catholic baptismal registers in Limoges. Signing her work 'SUSANNE COURT', 'SUSANNE DE COURT', 'SC' or 'SDC', usually on the front, rarely on the reverse. She may have married into the Court family. One of only two recorded female enamel painters in Limoges. Renowned for work with translucent enamels over foil, and draughtsmanship; specialising in secular, usually mythological scenes. The reverse of known oval platters are the same.