Richard Bentley (Biographical details)

Richard Bentley (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1794; 1871 - 1871; 1898; Richard Bentley's life; Richard Bentley & Son)

Also known as

Bentley, Richard; Colburn & Bentley; Richard Bentley & Son; Bentley, George


8 New Burlington Street, London 1852, New Burlington Street.


Printers and publishers.Richard Bentley came from a publishing family on both sides, his maternal uncle was John Nichols (1745-1826, q.v.) and his father, Edward Bentley, was publisher to the Bank of England. 1819-29, worked with his older brother Samuel (q.v.) specialising in wood-engraving. 1829-32, in partnership with the publisher Henry Colburn (q.v.); prints published during this partnership are entered under Colburn's and Bentley's names separately. 1836, founded the monthly "Bentley's Miscellany" with Charles Dickens as editor and contributor and George Cruikshank as illustrator; published many of the best-known Victorian authors. His son George (1828-95) was active in the business from a young age and it was later known as Richard Bentley & Son; George's son Richard (1854-1936) inherited the firm and sold out in 1898 to Macmillan & Co. (q.v.)