George Kearsley the elder (Biographical details)

George Kearsley the elder (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1739 - 1790)

Also known as

Kearsley, George; Kearsly, George; Kearsley, Catharine and George


Golden Fleece, 1 Ludgate Street (1758-1773) Golden Lion, Fleet Street, London (1773-1791) 46 Fleet Street, London (1774-86)


There were two George Kearsley, father and son, both booksellers and print publishers. This entry refers to the father; there is a separate entry for the son.
Trading as:
George Kearsley (1758-1791)
Catharine and George Kearsley (1791-1796)
George Kearsley (1797-1813)

Bookseller, including plays and musical miscellanies; arrested for issuing Wilkes' 'North Briton' no. 45 in 1763, but discharged; succeeded Jacob Robinson in the Livery Stationers Company by 1781; bankrupt 1765 and 1784. Published the 'Copperplate Magazine, or a monthly treasurer for the admirers of the imitative arts', from 1 August 1774 to 1 January 1778: each monthly issue contained three engravings plus text, a portrait, a historical/literary illustration, and a landscape. Most of the landscapes were after Paul Sandby.
Subsequently published 'The Virtuosi's Museum' in monthly numbers from February 1778 to January 1781, each issue containing three landscapes, usually of England, Ireland and Scotland. There were 108 plates, many after Sandby.
Both sets of landscape plates were re-issued as '150 Select Views' in 1781. This was later re-issued by Boydell in 1783.


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