Agathocles of Sicily (Biographical details)

Agathocles of Sicily (ruler; Greek; Male; 361 BC; 317 BC - 289 BC; 289 BC; Lived; Tyrant of Syracuse)

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Born 361 in Thermae, Sicily. Banished twice by the Syracusan oligarchy; returned in 316 ostensibly to lead a newly established democracy, only to gain mastery of Syracuse and rule with absolute power over much of Sicily. At war with Carthage from 311 until he made peace in 306 BC. After this time he establishes himself as King of Sicily. Died in 288/9 BC, allegedly assassinated by his grandson. Because of family rivalries, he did not name an heir but restored Syracusan democracy. After his death, anarchy erupted and a damnatio memoriae was issued against his name.