Thomas Halliday (Biographical details)

Thomas Halliday (sculptor/medallist; British; Male; 1771 - 1844)

Also known as

Halliday, Thomas


Medallist, token-engraver, manufacturer of buttons, studs, etc.; like T. W. Ingram (q.v.) originally worked at Soho Mint before setting up own business, first at Islington Row and Ann Street, then at 69 Newhall Street for some 30 years until death; numerous apprentices included William Wyon (q.v.); produced some of the best commemorative medals of national and personal events, including Reform, Anti-Slavery and Public Institution medals; altered traditional design of calendar medal: square calendar table on obverse became shield-shaped, with law terms along edge; lunar table and inscriptions on reverse arranged in concentric circles around bust of reigning monarch; also issued medals of conventional design; calendar medals 1827-34 known in uninterrupted series.


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