John Robert Steuart (Biographical details)

John Robert Steuart (Male; 1780 - 1848)

Also known as

Steuart, John Robert; Steuart, R; Steuart


Brother to Col Claude Scott Steuart (q.v). Lived some years in Naples, then a part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The British Museum purchased coins both from Steuart and from sales of his collections (Sotheby's 30 January 1840, 19 July 1841), in some cases via H.O. Cureton (q.v.). Wilson 1841, pp.238-40, nos.1, 5, 10 refers to coins from R. Steuart Esq. in the cabinet of the East India Company, one of which (IOC.24) was acquired in 'Persia'.