Edward Wigan (Biographical details)

Edward Wigan (collector; British; Male; 1823 - 1871)

Also known as

Wigan, Edward


Collector of coins. Built up his collection of Roman gold coins by acquiring the collections of the Earl of Pembroke, Devon, Thomas and Dupre. Also acquired the collections of Francois Caignard de Saulcy (Jewish coins), Gibbs (Bactrian coins) and his uncle, Mr Wigan, of East Malling. Presented almost his entire collection of Roman gold coins to the British Museum in 1864/5 (see 'Numismatic Chronicle' 1865). His collection of Jewish coins were published in F W Madden's History of Jewish Coinage (London, 1864). On his death, Wigan's entire collection was purchased by Rollin & Feuardent (q.v.), and the British Museum subsequently (1872) bought many of the Greek and Roman coins. Died in Hastings, 30 June 1871 (aged 49 years).


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