Licinius I (Biographical details)

Licinius I (ruler; royal/imperial; Roman; Male; 308 - 324; ruled)

Also known as

Licinius; Valerius Licinianus Licinius; Licinius I


Augustus 308, emperor of the Eastern Empire 313-324.

Licinius came to power in 308, appointed Augustus by Galerius (q.v.) and Diocletian (q.v.) in the midst of power struggles. He was unable to remove Maxentius (q.v.) from Italy, and operated out of the Balkans.

Licinius and Constantine split when Constantine tried to take power, invading the Balkans and trying to squeeze out the claims of Licinius the Younger to becoming Caesar. Ultimately, Licinius and Constantine ceased fighting in a treaty which named Constantine's two sons as well as Licinius the Younger as Caesars.

Licinius suspected Christians in his service of being Constantine's partisans, and began to dismiss them. On this pretext, Constantine again attacked Licinius, eventually defeating his forces in Hadrianopolis and again across the Bosphorus. He sent Licinius and his son to live as private citizens, but at some point in early 325 they were hanged.