Edward Hawkins (Biographical details)

Edward Hawkins (curator; British; Male; 1780 - 1867)

Also known as

Hawkins, Edward


Keeper (1826-60) of the Department of Antiquities, British Museum, which Department he had joined in 1825, after an earlier career as a banker. The British Museum purchased his collection of English medals from him on his retirement in 1860. Hawkins's catalogue of British medals to 1760 (enlarged and edited by A W Franks and H A Grueber) was published in 1885 as 'Medallic Illustrations of the history of Great Britain and Ireland to the death of George II'.

Hawkins catalogued the Greek coins in the collection in 1837. These are marked EH on registration tickets.
Hawkins's collection of more than 10,000 satirical prints was purchased by the BM Trustees for £650 from his son after his death, and forms the basis of the important collection of this material in the Department of Prints and Drawings (1868,0808.3207 to 13802).They are entered on the database as purchased from Hawkins' estate. The satires are accompanied by his own manuscript catalogue: see P&D library P.3.7 to 12 and P.6.4 to 9. According to Reid's report to the trustees of 22 April 1868, Hawkins had spent nearly 50 years building up the collection.


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