Lothair I, Emperor and King of Lotharingia and Italy (Biographical details)

Lothair I, Emperor and King of Lotharingia and Italy (ruler; royal/imperial; German; French; Male; 817; 840 - 855; 855; ruled in Lotharingia and Italy; ruled as Emperor)

Also known as

Lothair I; Lothar I; Lothaire I


Son of Louis the Pious (q.v.), who proclaimed him co-Emperor in 817; Lothair and his brother Pippin I of Aquitaine and Louis the German rebelled against their father's later attempt to favour their half-brother Charles the Bald (q.v.); after Louis the Pious's death in 840 Lothair I became sole ruler, but civil unrest beckoned when Charles the Bald and Louis the German joined forces against him (840-843). Defeated, Lothair had to agree to the treaty of Verdun (843), which revised the partition of the empire; Lothair kept the imperial title but his territory was limited to Middle Francia. He abdicated in 855 and retired to the abbey of Prüm, dividing Middle Francia between his sons Louis II (Italy), Lothair II (Lotharingia) and Charles (Provence).