J R Ogden (Biographical details)

J R Ogden (goldsmith/metalworker; merchant/tradesman; British; Male; 1866 - 1940)

Also known as

Ogden, James R


Born in Leeds. Lived in Harrogate throughout his life and ran a jewellery business from local premises in James Street; also ran a shop at 41 Duke Street, London, which remained in the family business until his great grandson Jack Ogden (q.v.) changed careers. J R Ogden donated a medal in 1930. Correspondence to and from J R Ogden is held in the archives of the Departments of the Middle East and Scientific Research (Plenderleith papers). This is mainly concerned with Ogden's interest in replicating ancient metalwork, particularly from Leonard Woolley's (q.v.) excavations in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. A series of electrotypes of selected pieces from these excavations which were made by Ogden are registered in the Dept of the Middle East. A collection of objects, including Mesopotamian tablets previously owned by Ogden, is held in Leeds University library (special collections).