St Nicholas of Myra (Biographical details)

St Nicholas of Myra (cleric/religious official; saint/martyr; Male; 4thC; fl.)

Also known as

St Nicholas of Myra; St Nicholas of Bari; St Nicholas; St Nicholas of Mozhaisk; St Nicholas Wonder-Worker


Legendary Christian saint, patron of Greece and Russia, of children (thus 'Santa Claus', from 'Sinterklaas', the Dutch name for St Nicholas), sailors, glassmakers, pawnbrokers and travellers; bishop of Myra, he was accepted by the Church as one of the fathers of the Council of Nicea in AD 325, where he reputedly launched a violent attack on the heretic Arius. His shrine was afterward translated to Bari in 1087. He reputedly brought three pickled children back to life; gave three golden balls as dowries to the daughters of a poor man, hence the three balls of pawnbrokers.
The saint appeared as a miraculous apparition in Mozhaisk in 1302, whilst the town was under seige by the Tatars. He appears in the iconography related to this apparition as St Nicholas of Mozhaisk.
The saint is also known in Russian iconography as St Nicholas Wonder-Worker.

St. Nicholas Society founded by Canon Jim Rosenthal, of US Episcopal Church in 2000, sister organisation to Sint Nicolaas Genootschap based at Sint Niklaas nr Antwerp with another branch in The Netherlands.