John Senex (Biographical details)

John Senex (British; Male; 1678 - 1740)

Also known as

Senex, John; Senex, Mary


at the Globe, against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street, London


Cartographer, globe maker and engraver, publisher, FRS. His business wsa bought from his widow by Robert Sayer in 1745. Trade cards in Heal Collection. Heal,82.16 advertises "Corrected from the Observations communicated to the Royal Societys [sic] of London & Paris By John Senex..." Heal's annotations on mount: "John Senex at the Sign of the Globe, in Fleet Street 1725-1740." Heal later states he died 1736. Heal,105.89 advertises "Globes made and Sold by John Senex, F.R.S.... A pair of Globes 28 inches Diameter, fit to adorn the Libraries of the Curious. On the Terrestrial are inserted all the Discoveries and Observations hitheto made: and on the Celestial, are placed all the Stars in Mr. Flamsteed's Catalogue, as published by Dr. Halley, &c. being above 2000 more than ever were inserted upon any Globe. The Asterisms [?] are designed so as to answer the Description of the Antients [sic], and the Letters of Reference made use of by Bayer, in his Tables, are inserted. The Price of these handsomely fitted up is 25 Guineas..." Heal's annotations on mount: "John Senex at the Sign of the Globe, near St. Dunstan's in Fleet Street 1725- died 1736. John Senex was elected Member of the Royal Socy. in 1728." Heal,105.90 advertises, in Latin "Globi, Charta Geographicæ, et Sphæræ optimi cujusque [?] generis a Joanne Senex R.S.S., parantur, et ab codem sub Signo Globi e regione Templi S. Dunstani in Fleet-Street Londini venles prostant." Heal's annotations on mount similar to above except: "Mentioned in Hilton Price's Signs of Old Fleet Street here in 1736. Wm. Halfpenny's 'Practical Architecture' was sold here by John Senex in 1725 'over against St. Dunstan's Church'. Compare hand-bill of Mary Senex, widow 'over against St. Dunstan's Church'." Heal,105.91 is "A Catalogue of Globes, Maps, &c. made by the late John Senex, F.R.S. And continued to be sold by his Widow, Mary Senex, over against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street; where may be had all Maps and Globes, &c. as in Mr. Senex's Life-time..." Heal's annotations on mount similar to above.


ODNB (Laurence Worms)