Hon Mountstuart William Elphinstone (Biographical details)

Hon Mountstuart William Elphinstone (collector; British; Male; 1871 - 1957)

Also known as

Elphinstone, Mountstuart William


The Hon M.W. Elphinstone was the brother of the sixteenth Lord Elphinstone. He was at the War Office 1914-19. He joined the Oriental Ceramic Society in 1929 and in 1933, with the President George Eumorfopoulos (q.v.) he was responsible for enlarging the Society to include all those interested in oriental ceramics. He was Hon Secretary from 1934-1944, during the Second World War when meetings were held at Lancaster House. He contributed many pieces to the Royal Academy exhibition of 1935-6. There are over 200 objects from the Elphinstone Collection in the Percival David Collection among them 150 monochrome porcelains and one of a pair of 14th century blue and white temple vases, dated to 1351, and now known as ‘the David Vases’. He donated to the British Museum 1927-1934. Besides Oriental Porcelain he was also interested in portrait photography.


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