Haslar Hospital (Biographical details)

Haslar Hospital (institution/organisation; British; 1746 - 2007)

Also known as

Haslar Hospital


Gosport, near Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Naval hospital. The Royal Hospital Haslar was founded to provide medical care for the Royal Navy. Completed in 1762, it was one of three 18th century hospitals built to care for sailors of the fleet and the last to remain in service. In 1966 its remit was expanded to include all armed services. It became a civilian hospital under the NHS in 2007 and finally closed in 2009. The building is now part of a community regeneration project, planned to include healthcare, residential and commercial facilities. Attached to the Hospital was the Haslar Hospital Museum, founded in 1827 and containing medical specimens and artefacts collected by men serving in the Royal Navy. Part of its large ethnographical collection was presented to the British Museum by the Lords of the Admiralty in 1855. A second collection from Haslar was acquired by Henry Christy (qv) and came to the British Museum after Christy's death in 1865.


For the Haslar Hospital collection, see:
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