Charles Longuet Higgins (Biographical details)

Charles Longuet Higgins (academic/intellectual; collector; British; Male; 1806 - 1885)

Also known as

Higgins, Charles Longuet


Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire


British scholar and benefactor; JP and deputy lieutenant of Bedfordshire. His ethnographic collection was inherited from his parents Theresa (1779-1845) and John Higgins (1768-1846) of Turvey Abbey, who bought at the Leverian sale in 1806 and later added other items. It was finally sold in 1904 by his nephew, Henry, when the BM bought many items. It is possible that other works from the collection had already passed to the Christy collection in the 1860s. See Kaeppler.

See Franks notebook AOA Add SS 17 fols 21-27. This includes sketches of objects from Turvey Abbey. A note on fol. .22 refers to 'Catalogue of the extensive Museum of Thomas Dawson Esq of Grasmere Westrmorland, including the war & Domestic implements, idols, costumes etc from the Islands of New Caledonia, N Zealand, Society, Sandwich, Friendly, Marquesas & Solomon Archipelago, many of them brought by the "Dromedary" sloop of war & the "Driver"as well as from the collections of Capt Cook & Sir Aston Lever. Also a few specimens of antiquities from the collections of Belzoni & Mr Salt. Christie [Apr] 10 1851.
Mr Charles Longuet Higgins bought most of his colln. at this sale.' .


Adrienne L.Kaeppler, 'Holophusicon, the Leverian Museum', 2011, pp.103-5 (for provenance of the works now in BM)