Joseph Jackson Lister (Biographical details)

Joseph Jackson Lister (photographer; scientist/engineer; British; Male; 1857 - 1927)

Also known as

Lister, Joseph Jackson; Lister, J J


British zoologist and plant collector from Leytonstone who collected biological specimens during travels in Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific. Attended St John's College, Cambridge. Served as volunteer naturalist on the surveying voyage of HMS Egeria to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, and to the Pacific. He spents several months in 1889 - 1890 collecting geological and plant specimens in Tonga as part of the HMS Egeria expedition (see Notes on the Geology of the Tonga Islands; 1891; Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society; pp. 590 - 617). The BM has a collection of photographic material from Tonga from Lister, though it is unclear whether Lister was the photographer for any or all of thesse photographs or whether there was another photographer for some or all of the images in this Lister photographic donation, as some of the images have the inscription of the photographer Ernest W. Henderson on them.

Collection of Polynesian items donated to the Museum by his wife in 1928.


Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society; 1891; v. 47; issue.1-4; Notes on the Geology of the Tonga Islands; p. 590-617;
DOI: 10.1144/GSL.JGS.1891.047.01-04.37
© 1891 Journal of the Geological Society, London, Legacy