Ms Mercia MacDermott (Biographical details)

Ms Mercia MacDermott (academic/intellectual; English; Female; 1927)

Also known as

MacDermott, Mercia


Author of books on Bulgaria and on folk customs, viz:
'A History of Bulgaria 1393-1885' (1962); 'The Apostle of Freedom. A portrait of Vasil Levsky against a background of nineteenth century Bulgaria' (1967); 'Freedom or death: the life of Gotsé Delchev' (1978); 'For freedom and perfection: the life of Yané Sandansky' (1988); 'Bulgarian folk customs' (1998); 'Explore green men' (c.2003).

See AOA Ethdocs 1872 (notes on the Mercia MacDermott collection including a biography), 1889, 1890 and 405. The collection has been given between 1995 and 2006 and is known as the Mercia MacDermott collection at the donor's request.


Waller, Diane (2000) 'Mercia MacDermott: A Woman of the Frontier', in: Allcock, John B and Antonia Young (eds.), Black Lambs and Grey Falcons, Oxford, Berghahn Books: 166 - 186.