Dimitri Papadimos (Biographical details)

Dimitri Papadimos (photographer; Greek; Male; 1918 - 1994)

Also known as

Papadimos, Dimitri (Dates of birth and death)


Born in Cairo in 1918. At the age of 16, having lost both his parents, he left school in order to earn his living. In 1939 he went to France to study cinema but turned to photography. He went to Greece for the first time in 1940 to undertake military service. After the war he returned to Egypt where he was employed by magazines and others as a photographer. In 1954 he met Lawrence Durrell with whom he later collaborated in the production of Durrell's film, 'The Spirit of Place'. In 1956: He settled permanently in Greece, but continued travelling to Egypt and other Middle East countries. In Athens he worked for the Press and Tourism Ministry and the Museum of Folk Art. In 1960 he married Liana Anastasiadou. He travelled all round Greece taking photographs with his 'Rolleiflex'. He died in 1994. His archive was donated by his wife to the E.L.I.A., the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive, Athens.


1974: 'Greece: a vanishing culture', Athens, Olkos.