Walker (Biographical details)

Walker (publisher/printer; British; 1789 - 1813; fl.)

Also known as

Walker, E; Walker, Elizabeth; E Walker & Co; Walker & Knight; Walker & Lynam; Walker, John


7 Cornhill & 106 New Bond Street (1790) 7 Cornhill (1789-1812) Sweetings Alley, Royal Exchange (1812-3)


Print publisher
John Walker traded briefly with Lynam until the partnership was formally dissolved, 9 June 1789. He was succeeded by Elizabeth Walker, presumably his wife, active from 1791-1813. The name sometimes appears as E.Walker & Co. and sometimes simply as Walker or Elizabeth Walker; in 1793 and 1795 trading as Walker & Brachenbury/Brackenbury; in 1811 the business is named Walker & Knight, moving at some time between February and May 1812 from 7 Cornhill to Sweetings Alley. In 1813 it is taken over by S. Knight or Knights (q.v.). Note that C.Knight of Lambeth had long published from 7 Cornhill, and so presumably what had been a business association had turned into a partnership.