Col H G C Swayne (Biographical details)

Col H G C Swayne (military/naval; British; Male)

Also known as

Swayne, H G C


See AOA Ethdoc 301 - Letter HGC Swayne/Joyce 30 Aug. 1933
Colonel H G C Swayne and his younger brother Brigadier General Sir Eric Swayne donated a miscellaneous collection, largely Somali, in 1933. Colonel Swayne writes '...I was the earliest systematic Explorer of North Somali Land between 1884 and 1893, wrote a book about it, and went with the Radd mission to Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia in 97 - and my younger brother assisting me with these explorations in '90-'93 afterwards became Commissioner of Somali Land and led the military Expeditions against the Somali "Mad Mullah". He later became Governor of Brit Honduras and got a knighthood but died, poor fellow, about 3 years ago...' Colonel Swayne also refers to a cousin, Miss F L Swayne q.v.