Prof Andrew Turton (Biographical details)

Prof Andrew Turton (anthropologist; collector; Male; 2000; active)

Also known as

Turton, Andrew


Anthropologist and collector, the museum acquired Thai Yuan material that he collected in 1972 and 1977. Chair of Anthropology and Chair of the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. Lived for many years in Thailand, conducting extensive research projects especially in the north; also carried out field research in Yunnan Province, China and Laos.
Andrew Turton (ed), 'Civility and Savagery: Social Idenity in Tai States', 2000, . Richmond: Curzon; Andrew Turton and Volker Grabowsky, 'The Gold and Silver road of trade and friendship: The Mcleod and Richardson Diplomatic missions to Tai states in 1837', 2003, Chiangmai: Silkworm.