Dr Laurie A Lawrence (Biographical details)

Dr Laurie A Lawrence (medical; academic/intellectual; collector; British; Male; 1857 - 1949)

Also known as

Lawrence, Laurie A; Lawrence, L A


Surgeon (FRCS). Collector of coins (especially Roman and English) and minor antiquities. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (FSA); Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society (q.v.) for 65 years from whom he received the Royal Numismatic Society medal in 1917; Hon. Assistant Keeper in the Department of Coins & Medals. Gave, sold and exchanged with the British Museum coins and antiquities from his collection, and in his will gave the British Museum the opportunity to buy any coins it wanted prior to auction (Sotheby, 24 Feb 1903). The executors were Messrs. Tamplin, Joseph & Flux, 122 Minories, London EC3.


Obituary in 'Numismatic Chronicle', 1950, p.6.