Ardochsho (Biographical details)

Ardochsho (deity; Kushan; Female)

Also known as

Ardochsho; Ardokhsho (Russian transcription.); Ardoxsho (Mistaken transcription used by some authorities.); Tyche; Fortuna; Shri; Anahita


Goddess of Good Fortune; equated with Fortuna (q.v.), Tyche (q.v.) and Hariti (q.v.). This Kushan goddess, uses the iconography of Greek Tyche and Roman Fortuna. On Kushan coins she is often linked with the god Pharro (q.v.). In Gandharan sculpure, she is often identified as the goddess Hariti and depicted alongside images associated with Pharro, but identified as Pancika (q.v.).
Her name is thought to be derived from the name of Ashi Yasht, the daughter of Ahuramazda (q.v.) in Zoroastrianism.
On Gupta coins the image of Ardochsho is used to represent the Hindu goddess Shri (q.v.).


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