Francis Bertram Welch (Biographical details)

Francis Bertram Welch (archaeologist; official; British; Male; 1876 - 1950)

Also known as

Welch, Francis Bertram


Student of the British School at Athens who supervised the British Museum excavations at Kouklia (q.v.) and Klavdhia (q.v.) in 1899 and donated coins to the Museum in 1925.

The main sources of published information on Welch can be found in: Malmgren 2003, 11 note 23; Gill 2011, 402-3 and in several accounts of the Kouklia excavations by Maier (1984, 17-18 and note 12; 2001) and Maier and von Wartburg (1988). Welch graduated in Classics from Magdalen College, Oxford in 1898 and was then Craven University Fellow at the British School at Athens between 1898 and 1900, from which resulted several archaeological publications (see Gill 2011, 403). He then taught at a number of schools up until the outbreak First World War, when he served in the Balkans (Salonika campaign and Greece). Thereafter he was Vice-Consul and Passport Control Officer at the British Embassy in Athens but was also involved in intelligence. Little is known about his academic activities during this period, but he catalogued the Finley Papers at the British School between 1920 and 1922.


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